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About Us


Prudent International Logistics and Trading Contracting W.L.L

We are delighted to introduce ourselves as Prudent International Logistics and Trading Contracting .W.L.L is a young and dynamic organization founded by a group of expertise contractors and shipping and freight forwarding professionals with a vision to create global opportunities for our customers by providing complete logistics solution and trading ,contracting services.We aim to provide excellent and comprehensive services within our sphere of work.

Logistics, Transportation and Value Added Services, integrated under a single governance, growing need for many companies, are essential services that require reliability, expertise and precision.

Prudent international respond to these market needs by offering its customers a complete and versatile organization, able to assist with specific expertise and solutions, tailored to meet their business needs. Highly qualified and motivated employees, are able to respond to customer needs and meet their most demanding requirements.

Our advantages

  • Quick response on customer demands
  • Operational staff available 24/7
  • Cost-efficient pricing
  • Service provided by experienced staff
  • Customer-oriented
  • Company with dedicated project division
  • Special Cargo Insurance Package

Logistic Activities

  • Planning and analysing the most appropriate route for a shipment (according to nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security).
  • Provide quality packing services as well as shifting to new locations provided with good quality of packing materials
  • Preparing documentation to meet customs and insurance requirements, packing specifications, and compliance with overseas countries’ regulation.
  • Offering consolidation services by air, sea and road – ensuring cost effective and secure solutions to small shippers with insufficient cargo to utilize their own dedicated units.
  • Liaising with third parties to move goods (by road, rail, air or sea) in accordance with customer requirements
  • Arranging air transport for urgent and high-value freight and managing the risk door to door.
  • We are specialized in customs clearing services. Our professionalclearing brokers will clear your consignments with no hassles.
  • Working closely with customers, colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations to deadline
  • Dealing with special arrangements for transporting delicate cargoes, such as livestock, food, medical supplies and other fragile goods, arranging courier and specialist hand-carry services
  • Providing cost-effective local transportation services.

Trading Division

  • We provide high quality Building Material products and services, highest business ethics and continual improvement of Quality Management System to meet the full satisfaction of our customers.

Contracting Division

  • We contracting offers construction and support services to all key sectors in qatar. The majority of our projects are carried out by our own resident skilled labor force, using our own plant and equipment.
  • We focus on identifying new techniques which improve quality, function and cost to our clients.